Saturday, October 22, 2011


whhhh... whhhhhh... whhh..  cough cough.. sorry.  Don't mind me.  Just blowing off a little dust from the blog.  Where on EARTH does time go??
I did a Fall bazaar today.  It was the same one I did last year and it was just as bad.  After having such a bad time last year, I told myself I wouldn't do it again.  I did it again.  Sigh... I don't learn quickly, do I.  I didn't even bring my camera this year.  My darling daughter came with me again this year and she did take a picture or two on her phone.  If she sends it to me, I will put it here.  Since I really didn't sell anything, I will take some pictures of what I made and post them, also.

Next Friday I will be in Louisville KY at the SU! regional.  I am SO excited.  I've never been to a regional, and I hear they are pretty fun.  My upline is going with a few other demos in the Dayton area.  Mary, my upline, is actually one of the presenters.  HOW exciting is THAT??!!

I will be posting some pictures of some cards in the next couple days.   My pictures library is kind of messed up right now.  I have GOT to get organized...  :)

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