Sunday, July 24, 2011


June 12... huh.. has it been that long??   Its not that I haven't been doing anything with rubber stamps, I have.  I guess I just really didn't realize how much WORK a blog is!!  Maybe not the blog itself, but all the picture taking and downloading and cropping... sigh..  Awww.. quit yer whinin'!!  On to what I've been playing with!
This was a card I made for my daughter's boyfriend's brother (ok, now THAT sounded confusing!).  He is in the middle east and is turning 21 at the end of the month.  His mom sent out a request for birthday cards for him since he is serving our country in a FAR away country on one of the biggy birthdays. 

This card was harder than I thought it should be.  I didn't think that putting 3 panels on a card would take a lot more hand/eye coordination!  Oh, well, let me tell you it DOES!  The paper is retired.  I don't have my catalog with me at my chair, so I'm not listing all the supplies.  If anyone out there is interested, let me know and I will dig everything back up.  :)

Have a great night!