Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cribbage and Crystal Effects

This was supposed to be done yesterday, but while I was trying to download some pictures, Blogger decided it was time to do some maintenance.   Geez... I was doing important stuff here!  :)

My husband and I play cribbage.  I'm not very good, but he puts up with me.  Our biggest problem is remembering who's crib it is.  While we were in Florida, we came up with a way to keep track.  We had a lotion bottle that we would pass back and forth.  Whoever had the bottle, got the crib.  Last night we were playing here and there was no bottle of lotion, so this is what we came up with.Isn't he CUTE?

Don't they look alike??

Ok.  Enough of that.  I have a couple of things to show you tonight!  The first is the new In Colors.  I hope you can see well enough. 

The top right one is the pool party color.  I like them....
This is something else I learned how to do.  It goes by many names, but what it IS, is crystal effects with re-inkers.  Punch an image with your favorite SU! punch.  Place the punched paper on a non stick surface like waxed paper.  Cover the whole thing with Crystal Effects.  Put a few drops of re-inker of your choice of colors in a lid (keep them seperate).  Take a straight pin and touch it to the first drop of ink just to get ink on the pin.  Touch it to the CE.  Add a couple other colors.  Don't do too much or it will look muddy.  Drag the pin thru all the colors to swirl it around.   It's really pretty.  :) There are three colors in this one.  All new colors.  Oh and by the way... THANKS BUFFY...  Better directions here!

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