Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trying it again... :)

Ok, well, the first run didn't pan out, so we are going to try this again.  I will try to do better on the blog, so maybe, just MAYBE if anyone ever reads this, there will actually be something to read.  :)   Alas, tho, there will be no pictures tonight as it seems I have lost my adapter for the camera memory card.  I am absolutely sure it will be where I left it, unless one of the dogs had a little snack. 
I have been a Stampin Up demo for 9 months.  Wow!  I have done workshops, card classes in my home, a charity card making event with my upline and played with ALL kinds of cool new toys and paper.  It has been a great 9 months.  Maybe I will do it for another 9 months and see if maybe I like it.  :)
Soooo... I've been in a couple swaps these last few months.  One started back in November.  We mailed cards to 5 people once a month and in return got 5 cards back in the mail.  How fun to get some mail that is personal and beautiful.  The second swap was from a group I am involved with (on the outskirts, 'cuz I am not nearly as fun and funny as they are.)  We made cards and sent them to each of the members of the group.  A 'normal' swap would be to make 20 cards, send them to a 'host' and she would split them up and mail packets of cards to each member.  I think I like the individual cards the best.  As one of the group said, it was fun 'stalking' the mailman.  :)  I'm sure he enjoyed it too. 

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