Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wow... lots to learn!!


I have learned a very little about blogging and all the technical stuff. WOW... I have a LOT to learn. Lucky for me, there is a lot of help to be had from the wonderful Stampin Up Demonstrators. I've been playing with widgets... hahahaha.. widgets.. that's funny! I still have so much to try and figure out. Hopefully, it will get easier. I told Pat tonight that I wished I knew more about HTML, and he perked up. Uh, oh. :) Maybe I will hire him to do this!!

Ok, on to more important stuff:

You have GOT to check out the summer mini catalog! What a bunch of really cute stuff. I love the Tropical Party stamp set! You will probably be able to tell when I start uploading the pictures.

Tomorrow is Nickie's party! My first as a SU demo. Lucky for me I have Mary Brown as my Upline and she will take care of this one. I just watch and learn. :)

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